Nov. 1st, 2009 10:04 pm
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Hello everyone,


Well I am finally back home again, and caught up on everything that I need to be caught up on at the moment.


I was meaning to post yesterday but I ended up having to take pain meds and that just dulled my head. I tried to write but my muse just took the day off.


But today I was able to kick my muse in the rear and write, and I finally got started on that prequel to a story I wrote over the summer. Now if he does not fail me I may get the story done sometime soon.


Speaking of writing, if any one on my flist would like to beta the first chapter for me (it’s not very long, so I just checked it’s a little under 1800 words it really didn’t seem that long when I was writing it.) I would really appreciate it, I might even be able to locate a bribe for them;)


In other news I made it through Friday without watching SGU, it wasn’t that hard I cant stand that show. I may make an exception when they have guest that I want to see but I just cant get into it. It reminds me too much of another show, it didn’t last that long either, at least I think it is no where on the same level as SG1 or Atlantis. I’m worried that it wont last and will effect future SG1 and SGA movies. I guess time will tell.


I did make time to watch Sanctuary, then a thought occurred to me. They need to get Ben Browder to guest on that show as a love interest of Helen. Would love to see that.

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So, I got tired of my banner and made a new one the only problem is that I made one with text and one without and cant make up my mind which one to use. I was hoping that I could enlist the help of my wonderful flist to help me choose.

Headers are under here to be friendly........... )I also made a wallpaper, (the computer ate the first one I had almost done, that was looking really good. Now I cant for the life of me figure out what I did on that one) So I thought I would still share this one

Wallpaper..... )


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