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Well when it rains it pours….




Rant under this nice cut...... )


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Rant Follows, you have been warned.


So my muse returns from her leave of absencts (that I might add she did have prior permission for). Now I have a house full of bunnies, *Fighting them off with the broom*. The only problem with this is that they are not from my normal fandom, or even a pair that I would have thought of shipping before now.


Damn bunnies! And the muse that brought them in this house.


So now I have wrote a scene that I thought should have been in The End Of Time, am half way through another one that will more than likely not see anything but the hard drive. And have one that I am trying to write out an outline for. And then there are still a few more that I am keeping at bay at the moment.


And of course now I want to make few vids also, finally got a version of MM that works on this pc, and the Doctor Who clips I wanted.


Oh and I have a Sam/Cam story that I cant seem to get finished with all this new stuff running around in my head.

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*Looks around for that stick of computer dynmite*

So I was working on a wallpaper tutorial over at [livejournal.com profile] big_tutorials had worked on this thing for well over an hour, first in
PSP which I downloaded the free trial last night then in GIMP. Because I know more of the functions in GIMP so the
first one I did in PSP turned out really crappy. The second one I was working on was turning out really well and I only
had one, yes one more thing to do and it would have been finished. But no, the way my luck is running it couldn't just
keep letting me working on it. It frelled up and closed, now I have to start over.  There are times I really hate computers.

So I am done with my rant, I'll let you all get back to what you were doing.


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