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I know it's been a while… I was at my moms and her internet wouldn’t allow me to keep logged into livejournal or post pretty much anything unless it was to my journal. It wouldn't even display all of my friended journals on my friends page, very aggravating. Of course my week there ended up being almost 3 weeks and I was happy to be back home when I returned.

I've also started posting my story Far Away over on DolphinxDreams, you can check out the first chapter I Never Loved you!

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This is our local forecast, take a close look at Sunday and Monday:(

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What a crazy winter it’s been, in mid November Kenny’s dad (who from now on I’m just going to refer to as in laws) was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma that had spread to the bone in his leg. My SIL moved her wedding up from April to December so I ended up spending a lot of time over at his parents helping his mom clean house because Kenny’s Uncle was coming for the wedding. Kenny’s dad is responding well to treatment, and if I remember right has maybe two left that will take him though March.

Anyway about the time the wedding was done I spent the two weeks before Christmas without internet at my mom’s laying floor, (fun, fun). Found out my 15 YO niece can lay laminate flooring, she did a great job at cutting and laying it. So much so that when other rooms need done she’s going to help. As in I’m going to supervise and do the jig saw cuts that won’t do.

By the time the time things seemed to quite down around here and we were not so busy, I just didn’t want to be on the computer much. I think I went a few weeks and didn’t even check my email. Then when I did it took longer (days) to get it all in order.

We did take a break amongst all of this and go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in the process of trying to decided to go or not I ended up on youtube looking at trailers for it. I mention this because my muse sucks and thought I needed another ship to play with *rolls eyes*

Now things seem to have calmed down somewhat I’m hoping to get back to some of the things I enjoy like being on the internet, I get my glasses today too so I’m hoping that will help with being able to read on here, (yes I know I could just increase the text size but I hate scrolling).

On another note Kenny bought me a knitting machine, I was surprised that they still made them I remember my mom having one (that if I had known was up in the barn that collapsed I would have nabbed a long time ago.) so I can’t wait for it to come in. I see a lot of scarves being made in my future, it’s great I love making things like that.

Oh and windows movie maker sucks, I came across some projects that I had made but never outputted as a movie file. When I tried the other day do you think the stupid thing would do it, hell no and it doesn’t give me an error reading either just doesn’t save the movie file. So now I’m trying to learn how to use Vegas because I am never wasting my time with that stupid movie maker again.
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I wanted to share this with you all, we have been cleaning up outside around the house. We are having foundation work done this summer. Anyway I moved junk treadmill we had out there and found this toad under it. I have never seen one this big. He was as big as the palm of my hand I tried to get him to sit in the palm of my hand but he was having none of that. Anyway here are a couple of pictures we took before we shooed him under the porch where nothing would bother him.

2 pictures of said toad....... )
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Just to warn ya I am on pain meds at the moment, so this ends up being rambley and all over the place.

Well this is the third night in a row we have had thunderstorms, warnings and watches all around. Of course the boyfriend is happy, he wants to go storm chase but it keeps him busy and out of my hair. Just get a little tired of the constant weather updates from him.  I am really surprised we had thunderstorms, it was barley 60 today.


Just to warn ya I am on pain meds at the moment, so this ends up being rambley and all over the place. )



Feb. 18th, 2010 10:50 pm
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Well since I’m now cooling my heels waiting for things to get done on my computer (which wants to move slow tonight).

Bullet points, because they are there so I might as well use them.

·         I finally watched Blackpool the other day, I had downloaded it a while back and it had been sitting there. It was different, but I liked it.

·         Watching that gave me an idea for a Ten/Donna video that now I’m working on.

·         I am being taught to be patient by windows movie maker.

·         Kenny and I were talking the other day about writing, so after that I have decided to write an original story. We’ll see where that goes.

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So I have a question that I was wondering if anyone on my flist could help with, there is a song by Queen and one of the lines in the song is something like 'get on your bikes and ride' or something close to that but I cant remember the name of the song, if anyone knows I would really appericate it. Or knows how I could find out the information on the net.

Oh and here is an eye candy bribe to [livejournal.com profile] rightxhere  because I have a request. Could you please write a small tut on how to use text in PSP9, just the basic stuff? I havent been able to figure out how to resize or move it. :)

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For some reason today I can not get ljcut to work, it sucks becasue I had a something I really wanted to post but it is image heavy and I need the cut to work.


May. 17th, 2009 12:10 pm
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Wow life does move fast, I just noticed today that I haven’t posted in 6 weeks.


As most of you know my Dad had mesothelioma lung cancer, he passed away on April 18th and as much as I hated to seem go I am glad that he is not surfing any longer. Strange things happen on the day he died, fist let me say that he said after he found out that if there was any way he was going to show us a sign.


On the day he passed there was about 12 O2 bottles sitting against the wall, no one around but they kept falling over one at a time. Then that evening there was the most vibrant rainbow I had ever seen, I am not talking about just a half of a rainbow either, from the front porch you could see the whole thing, each end and to top it off it was a double rainbow. I had never seen anything like it. We took pictures that I will try to post later but they just did not come out as good as it looked being there.


Anyway I stayed and helped my mom out, and will being going back and forth this summer until my brother in law is back from boot camp. Since she no longer has internet access I will try to catch up when I am at home.


Oh and before I forget, I just love a child’s logic.


My 4 year old niece told her mom that grandpa couldn’t breath, my sister told her that he could now, the 4 year old told her ‘no he cant with all that dirt on him’  she then told my other sister the same thing to which my sister tried to explain to her that it was just a shell that way buried and he was in heaven now to which my niece said, ‘is he up there naked, all of his clothes are here.’ To which my sister explained to her that when grandpa got to heaven Jesus gave him a robe to wear.


Yesterday my writing muse came back with a vengeance, I ended up writing 10 short fan fics, all are SG-1 with Sam/Cam. I am telling you all this in case anyone on my flist would be interested in kind of going over them for me catch the mistakes I missed. All but one is hurt/comfort. The only thing I have to say is promp tables are a good thing, or maybe not.

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So I am in a mood to make videos, only one little problem with that. The movie maker on my desktop has decided to not work at all for me.

Rest of the bitching is this way..... )


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