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Hey all...

I've been spending my time being somewhat crafty lately...

I made this bath mat for a friend of ours daughter's bridal shower ( and I use that term loosely, maybe I'm just old school but I think a bridal shower should be for the bride and for gifts that she can use to surprise her man with on the wedding night. I think of this more of a party before the wedding to get gifts that you'd get at the wedding. And what is the deal with a couples bridal shower? I would have the thought that the name would have implied that it was for the bride only. But on to the pictures.)


and I made her these Country/Redneck wine glasses (Pick which ever name you think fits)


Also they had a bachelorette party, that turned into a dinner with men in attendance including the groom to be. Anyway, another friend and I made chocolates for the party in the shape of the male member and some were with white chocolate and colored correctly. (I forgot to upload the pics) We did this all in an effort to embarrass the bride to be and it worked in spades.

In other news it has turned chilly here today, well really over night and K had the fan in the window most of the night because he's always hot and now I'm not feeling so well. So now I'm trying to get the apple butter I'm making finished before this icky feeling turns into a full blown cold.

Think I'm going to go watch a movie and huddle with the dog under the blanket.
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Well, it's been a while. First my computer went all wonky, so I had to move all my files which wouldn’t have been so bad if my back up drive wasn’t safely put up in the safe that the electronic lock wont work on and we have lost the master key too. So something that should have taken a little time ended up taking days but I was able to save all my files so that was good.

Then the other morning I jammed my little toe when I got up, of course I swear the vacuum jumped out in front of me. Anyway I didn’t give it much thought until the next day when it hurt like crazy, I had an appointment with the doctor anyway for something else and figured since I was there I'd have it looked at. I've had broken toes before, this didn’t look anywhere near as bad as those but he took an x-ray anyway said he didn’t see anything. I said "great" and came home. Well the nurse called that evening, like a half hour before the doctor office closed. She said the doctor that they send them to for reading said I had a small fracture close to my foot. Oh goody, now I get to wear this height of fashion for the next month.

Doesn’t help that it's getting cold here, I was coming home today mentally trying to go though my sock drawer for warmer socks than what I usually wear.

Guess this will give me the time to get some videos made, which might be a good thing since I have a list that I want to finish soon.

Other than that it's been quiet in my little corner of the world.

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So I've been a little crafty the last couple of days and thought I'd share what I've been working on.

First I made 5 of these angels, would have done 6 but I ran out of the large lace I was using for them.

Cut for all the pics..... )

more finished.

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Hello Everyone,

I know long time no see, been a little busy around here.

I've decided to write this year for scifibigbang & het-bigbang & sshg_exchange. That might keep my summer hopping. I do already have my draft done for scifibigbang so only two more to go. Woohoo!!!

So a few years ago I had the idea to start a community for my graphics, but my dad passed away and I never used it. Then I decided that there were far more talented people with the graphics than I.

Anyway the other day I got an email that they were going to delete the community and had the idea to put my stories and vids on there instead. It's called dolphinxdreams and right now there is not much on the community except for a short introduction and a post about what I like and don’t like to read when it comes to Severus/Hermione.

If someone the time and wanted to make me a small banner for my bio on there with my ships, (Sam/Cam, 10/Donna, & Severus/Hermione) I would be eternally grateful.

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So I wrote this post a while back then couldn’t get the thing to post at all, then got busy again along with a death in the family and the holidays. And honestly today is the first free day I've had in a while, then it's back to busy for a while.

I did not realize I had been MIA for so long, we've had a busy but all be it productive summer. Home improvement projects abounded not only here but at my mom's also. They seemed to have kept me busy most of the summer and things still don’t seem to be winding down just yet. I'm just hoping now that the jobs are fewer and further between than they have been.

Pictures and projects follow:

A cut for pictures .................... )

Well I am off to paint. (already finished that when LJ and my internet were against me. Even today it took me over an hour to get the photos added. Argh! have no idea what the cause of that was.)



Jul. 27th, 2010 12:08 am
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I just have to say I love the internet, it is soooo AWSOME!

A few days ago I found a friend on facebook that I hadn't seen in about 25 years, it is great to get to reconnect with her.
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I wanted to share this with you all, we have been cleaning up outside around the house. We are having foundation work done this summer. Anyway I moved junk treadmill we had out there and found this toad under it. I have never seen one this big. He was as big as the palm of my hand I tried to get him to sit in the palm of my hand but he was having none of that. Anyway here are a couple of pictures we took before we shooed him under the porch where nothing would bother him.

2 pictures of said toad....... )
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Just to warn ya I am on pain meds at the moment, so this ends up being rambley and all over the place.

Well this is the third night in a row we have had thunderstorms, warnings and watches all around. Of course the boyfriend is happy, he wants to go storm chase but it keeps him busy and out of my hair. Just get a little tired of the constant weather updates from him.  I am really surprised we had thunderstorms, it was barley 60 today.


Just to warn ya I am on pain meds at the moment, so this ends up being rambley and all over the place. )


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Well when it rains it pours….




Rant under this nice cut...... )


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I have tired to get to this earlier but with helping my Mom out and chasing around 2 of my other sis kids and my niece that got hurts sister I have been busy.

Anyway, my niece came home for the hospital yesterday none the worse for ware. Out side of the helmet that she is suppose to wear when she is up running around you wouldn't know anything happen to her. I am amazed how fast she bounced back. They said that she had some memory loss, (how they figure this out with a 3 year old I dont know) but we havent found anything yet that she dosent remember.

I'm just so greatful that she is doing great now, it could have been much worse than what it was.
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Well finally for the scoop on all that’s been goin’ on around here.


I got home from a visit with Mom a couple of weeks ago to Kenny who had thrown his back out and a computer that had problems. Kenny finally got in to see the pain management doc and got  an epi shot in his back, he felt better almost right away. Or it could have been the IV med they gave him before the shot so he wouldn’t remember anything. He was great fun on the drive home though.


It took me almost a week to find out what was wrong with my puter but I finally got that fixed, only to have two more that need fixin’ (one down one to go)


I finally got finished up on my

[livejournal.com profile] stargate20in20

  icons and went to load them on photobucket only to find that I was at the limit and needed to delete some before I could up load them. Three hours later I had that mess fixed, forgot about some pics I had uploaded last year when the puter went wonko.


Now I am off to try and catch up on what every one else has been doing. (That and my wrist has bothered me all day, makes typing a pain, really.)


May. 17th, 2009 12:10 pm
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Wow life does move fast, I just noticed today that I haven’t posted in 6 weeks.


As most of you know my Dad had mesothelioma lung cancer, he passed away on April 18th and as much as I hated to seem go I am glad that he is not surfing any longer. Strange things happen on the day he died, fist let me say that he said after he found out that if there was any way he was going to show us a sign.


On the day he passed there was about 12 O2 bottles sitting against the wall, no one around but they kept falling over one at a time. Then that evening there was the most vibrant rainbow I had ever seen, I am not talking about just a half of a rainbow either, from the front porch you could see the whole thing, each end and to top it off it was a double rainbow. I had never seen anything like it. We took pictures that I will try to post later but they just did not come out as good as it looked being there.


Anyway I stayed and helped my mom out, and will being going back and forth this summer until my brother in law is back from boot camp. Since she no longer has internet access I will try to catch up when I am at home.


Oh and before I forget, I just love a child’s logic.


My 4 year old niece told her mom that grandpa couldn’t breath, my sister told her that he could now, the 4 year old told her ‘no he cant with all that dirt on him’  she then told my other sister the same thing to which my sister tried to explain to her that it was just a shell that way buried and he was in heaven now to which my niece said, ‘is he up there naked, all of his clothes are here.’ To which my sister explained to her that when grandpa got to heaven Jesus gave him a robe to wear.


Yesterday my writing muse came back with a vengeance, I ended up writing 10 short fan fics, all are SG-1 with Sam/Cam. I am telling you all this in case anyone on my flist would be interested in kind of going over them for me catch the mistakes I missed. All but one is hurt/comfort. The only thing I have to say is promp tables are a good thing, or maybe not.


Mar. 5th, 2009 01:03 am
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Well I know it has been a couple of weeks since I’ve been able to update, I have been at my parents (stuck with dial up) and it takes forever to get lj to load. I have also been busy helping with things around here, my dad has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, the doctor is saying he has for 4 months to a year, but it could be longer. Kind of depends on his attitude which is good right now, he was not going to take treatments at first and I supported him with that, it is up to him and he had a nephew that they burned up with radiation, but after the family talked to the cancer doctor if he had not changed his mind about the chemo, I would have tried to talk him into it, the doctor said it was more for pain relief, and quality of life. That had been what I was telling my middle sister since we found out, quality is better than quantity.

 I have been trying to help get a lot of the business stuff taken care of for my parents. Friday I have to take my mom to the funeral home to plan that, I am just glad that dad is here to say what he wants, he has told us what he wants to be dressed in and the music he wants played and little things like that.

Keep us in your prayers.

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So life had been a roller coaster ride the last almost two weeks, my sis took our dad to the hospital two weeks ago this coming Tue. Frist the ER doctor said he had lung cancer, then his doctor said to wait for the cat scan, that by the way took until Sunday to do b/c the machine was broke, anyway after that the lung doctor said he didn’t have cancer and it was just pneumonia, then this Friday a surgeon told him he did have lung cancer.


Now I think this is a load of crap, this “you do, you don’t, you do” I cant begin to imagine how it affects him, but I know how it does me. I live 200 miles away and did not jump in the car and go as soon as they put him in the hospital, mom said that it would be better to wait and see what the test reveal. I have been calling him almost every day, except when I know he has had company because I know that tires him and he gets winded talking on the phone. Well last night when I called he sounded winded from the get go so Kenny and I decided that I should go. So if I am kinda of not around a lot you know why, my mom has dial up but I don’t know how much time I’ll get on the computer and it is sooooo slooooow.


I would like also to request prayer for my dad, and the family.


Thanks, I’ll try to be in touch soon.

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Well finally got Kenny back to work after his oral surgery, they took out his stitches on Monday instead of Thursday (today) and that stopped his headaches and jaw pain. He was feeling much better.


I wanted to let y’all know that I have been nominated here:


If y’all get a chance check it out.

Also I was making an icon the other day that turned out really weird and I wanted to share it. Hope it makes your day, it sure had me laughing my butt off.



The newest member of the Blue Man Crew…. )


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