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Here is something different.

A video I made for Sci Fi Big Bang

Fan Fiction Information:
Title: Coextension
Author name: [livejournal.com profile] misaditas 
Artist name: Purple Dolphin
Fandom: Doctor Who/Farscape
Main Characters and/or pairings: Donna Noble/Bialar Crais
Authors Summary: Summary: With her memories returned, Donna Noble sets out on a new life and adventure with Bialar Crais.
Warnings: None
Disclaimers: Let me check, yeap still still owned by the BBC and Jim Hensen, dang it well at least I get to play with them.

Here is a download link By A Moment
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Title: Should I stay Ten/Donna
Music: By Gabrielle
Made by... <lj user”purple_dolphin9”>
Details: (size: 45.8mb  duration: 3:41  & file type: .wmv)
Theme/Other: I watched Blackpool for the first time in the last month, once I did my muse wouldn’t leave me alone about making this video. I know it’s not great, my first attempt at using two different shows for a video. It’s also my first Doctor Who video. On another note, I had a totally different idea of how wanted this video to be, but apparently the muse had a different idea.
Oh also septia=memories.

There is a couple of spoliers for End of Time.


Disclaimer: I own my car, my clothes, and my imagination. Oh and the computer I’m using, but the last time I checked I still didn’t own Doctor Who or Blackpool the BBC does. If I did there would have been….. That’s another story. Also this beautiful song is owned by another.

Should I Stay Download


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