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So I wrote this post a while back then couldn’t get the thing to post at all, then got busy again along with a death in the family and the holidays. And honestly today is the first free day I've had in a while, then it's back to busy for a while.

I did not realize I had been MIA for so long, we've had a busy but all be it productive summer. Home improvement projects abounded not only here but at my mom's also. They seemed to have kept me busy most of the summer and things still don’t seem to be winding down just yet. I'm just hoping now that the jobs are fewer and further between than they have been.

Pictures and projects follow:

Our first project was to take out a fence that looked like this:


To replace with a nice chain link one with a gate, we were only to get the section between the house and garage done though for now:

Then I was off at my mother's on a five week project of ripping out carpet, which was a PITA in some of the rooms as the padding stuck to the floor:

But when it was finished it looked very nice and she loves her new hardwood floors:


We also took out her sliding door replacing it with a wall, it was kind of unexpected but the door had leaked and caused some wood rot. I am very proud of the wall I built to cover the hole, it fit perfect:

This is my niece Courtney who helped with half of the flooring and the wall when her sister bugged out on us.

Then it was back home and back to something more than email on the computer, but then I was tired and really didn’t do much for a couple of weeks except the garden. Needed the break from just about everything, a little time to unwind so to speak.

Then we were back at it. It seemed in the spring a hail storm we had damaged our roof, so we had to work on replacing that: I dont have any photos of the finished roof yet.

Then we painted my kitchen:

 See that nice bright white area at the top? That was where the wallpaper border was on the flat white walls... for a kitchen. Apperantly when whoever painted it didnt get the concept that you cook in a kitchen and that grease will NOT wipe off of flat white paint.

I love the new color:

 All the trim is going to be that dark brown on the vent above the fridge.

I almost forgot that we painted the counter top also, I do like it better than the white it was though I wouldn’t have picked the blue color. We have Kenny to thank for that:

And now I'm getting ready to use some left over paint that didn’t work well in the bathroom from last year to paint the walls going to the basement and the closet in our room, and I have to repaint the bathroom as the humidity of the room and the paint didn’t react well together and gave me a peeling paint job. There is still the tile we want to put around the tub in the bathroom and the flooring also, then we still need the trim painted, cabinets re-stained and flooring in the kitchen. But it will get done in my time, it seems the most pressing of the jobs have been finished for now.

So there was my busy summer, along with joining the volunteer fire department here in town as a member of the fire corps. (Which is a fancy way of saying that I don’t go out on calls, but am suppose to be entering data as soon as I get the program to put it into.)

Well I am off to paint. (already finished that when LJ and my internet were against me. Even today it took me over an hour to get the photos added. Argh! have no idea what the cause of that was.)


Date: 2012-01-25 10:45 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] candream.livejournal.com
Welcome back. <3

I'm sorry about the loss in your family. *hugs you close* <3


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